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Find The Cat!

Find the cat in the picture!

Here’s another one. It’s a different cat.


Malingerer at it again!

I cannot believe how frequent this acquaintance of mine takes sick leave.

Just this morning, he updated “38.1 deg cel!” onto his Facebook page and a couple of hours ago, he had this to say, “Fever till blur blur…….39.6 …….”

A keen eyed observer commented that “fever until blur but still clear enough to update fb. 😛 ”  


I certainly hope his boss is a friend on his Facebook!

Law & Order: SVU

It’s past midnight. I have to get up bright and early tomorrow but here I am, catching a repeat telecast of Law & Order SVU that appeal mostly to grey-haired people.

Wonder why I have the energy to stay up to watch old reruns of the L&O SVU but couldn’t garner up enough wakefulness to catch the critically acclaimed Downton Abbey that runs every Thursday on cable.

Speaks much about the state of my mind, doesn’t it?


My colleague SA is just as bookish as I am. We usually browse the Sunday Times for good reads and while I usually buy them, she reserves the titles at the local library.

I have every intention of doing the same these days. There is really no reason why I should spend good money on books when I could have borrowed them from the library. For free.

She has finished Please Look After Mom by Kyung-Sook Shin in record time and has passed the book to me. I have two weeks.

I’ll follow up with a proper summary when I am done reading it. In the meantime, wait with bated breath!

Posted on 4 Oct 2011:

Hmmmmm…..I don’t like books with open endings. That’s all I can say for now, in case I give away too much of the plot.

A leisurely afternoon on Orchard Road

Met an ex-classmate from the secondary school days for tunch at EwF (Everything With Fries).  She has been raving about the “Har Jiong Gai” Burger for a while now, and since I have not tried it before, we decided to go there after my dental appointment yesterday.

It seemed like they were over-staffed on a Friday afternoon at 3pm, but hey, nobody complains about having too many staff at one’s service. The counter girls who took my order were friendly enough, but I cannot speak the same for the grouchy-looking waitress who were dishing out food to the other tables.

The seating was air-conditioned alfresco, if you know what I mean. The only complaint I had about our table (which I chose) was that it also led to the seating for Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf outlet just beside. Other than that, it was rather peaceful, and quiet enough for a decent conversation with my gal pal.

We were on a penny-pinching campaign, and decided to pool our orders together to make the penny go further.

We ordered a Har Jiong Gai Burger set at $9.90 which came with French fries and a drink (instead of 2 sets), 1 ala-carte Har Jiong Gai Burger $6.90 and 1 ala-carte drink, $2.50. We paid $4 for a Nutella Tart (U.P. $5.90) coz we ordered the set. We only saved $0.50 though.

The HJK Burger Set came with coleslaw and our choice of fries on the side, which was sour cream & onion shoestring fries.

Precious time was wasted when we spent an eternity trying to open the packets of chilli & tomato sauce.  I gave up in the end, and simply asked the staff for the loan of a pair of scissors to cut those stubborn packets open.

I like the salty crispy layer of chicken skin and despite the time-lapse, the HJK burger was as juicy as I could have ever imagined. Some meat juice even squirted into my face when I bit into the artery-clogging, cholesterol-laden burger.

We ended the meal with 500-calories worth of Nutella Tart shared between the two of us. (I need a better camera. Badly. This is considered the better shot of two, one taken with the help of some flash light, and the other one, without. The brown tart appeared copper-red-like here, nothing like the real McCoy. The photo without flash was too dark to be seen.)

All in all, I must say it was a pretty good suicide meal.

Next we decided to go-see-and-be-seen at the latest hot fad in town, H&M. Nah! The reason we were there was because, and only because, we were in the vicinity.

There was a queue formed outside the store but it was a moving queue, so my gal pal and I figured we would be in there in no time. She had already been to the store before, so the real hill-billy was yours truly.

Hustling Madness would be how I would describe the place. There were people, people and people everywhere I turned. The fitting rooms had throngs of people in neat lines all queued up. The cash registers too, were having a field day ringing non-stop, thanks to the many, many, many people in line to burn holes in their proverbial pockets.

I must add that it is indeed a cheap skate’s haven, with merchandise like 3 pairs of earrings selling at $7.90. Despite that, I felt that I breathed better the moment I stepped out of the store.

We then went to Antoinette at Mandarin Gallery.  What a sight to behold! Especially after that rampage at H&M.

It was less than an hour since we had tunch and we couldn’t stuff ourselves with much of anything else. I ordered tea while the gal pal had hazelnut ice-cream with caramel. We then sat and talked while a queue was formed outside the small restaurant.

We then aimlessly sauntered down Orchard Road from Mandarin Gallery, and past Ngee Ann City, Wisma Atria and Ion Orchard. It has been a long while since I took such a stroll and the hill-billy mode was still in me.

There were kiosks along the wide boulevards, garden swings in place for some garden festival and even LED lights running across the pavements!

I enjoyed the walk though it was a short one. I hope to cut back on the sloth and walk more instead of parking at one place and not venturing anywhere outside the mall at all.

Last but not least, some shots of the kiosks:

9 months and counting…

I am not counting down to some estimated delivery date, for those wondering.

It is the number of months we have not had any bible studies in our cell group. By that, I mean we’ve not shared or talked or discussed or discoursed anything relating to the bible at all.

We have spoken with our cell group leader about this on two occasions – and the cell members even came up helpfully with ideas on what we could do to help. Although he seemed to have understood our concerns, and despite having arrived at a conclusion as to which material we should use for future lessons, nothing has been done in the months since.

When probed GENTLY by us again two weeks ago, the cell leader finally let on that he was feeling down and on the evenings before cell nights, he actually felt underwhelmed.  That probably explained the reminder messages that came later and later, and of late, none at all; the tardiness in coming to cell, being constantly late, and occasionally, by over an hour. When he did turn up, his phone would be in his hands, and his eyeballs, glued to the little screen.

Over these 9 months, our big group of 14 regular members have dwindled to about 8 now. On a particularly bad day, there were only 3 members who turned up, not counting the hosts, that is, my husband and I.

Something happened last night to heighten the level of frustration I had with the cell leader. He posed a question to us – What is cell to you? which led me to think that our petition 2 weeks ago was pretty effective.

Somewhere along the way, he got defensive when a cell member remarked that if we are to focus on the treasure in Heaven and not those on earth, then what treasure in Heaven should we expect to see.  It seemed like an opening for a discussion but the cell leader broke us off in mid-sentence and started his tirade on the subject. I was nowhere more enlightened at the end of his tirade than I was before.

I think citing burn-out as a reason is lame. If one is tired, one should ask for ministry leave instead of rotting the entire cell with his pessimism, emotional outbursts and defensiveness. I could have been too harsh on him, but 9 months of waiting for him to get his act back together is 9 months too long.

Should I stop stealing?

I am an incorrigible thief, constantly pilfering free online pictures from uploaders kind enough to share theirs.

Frankly, this thieving habit has hit a high of late. Ever since I started this blog and realized I don’ t have any decent photographs of my own to use.

I should make an honest woman of myself, therefore I am seriously contemplating upgrading my point-and-shoot camera to one with better features.  To do that, I’d better start on some research soon.