A Book Review: Such A Pretty Fat

Book review: Such A Pretty Fat (Jen Lancaster)

It has been ages since I read a book that has me in stitches from cover to cover. The protagonist is Jen Lancaster herself, who is comfortable in her own fatty skin but went on a diet nonetheless, so that she could write the experience into a book.

The book has none of the stereotypical miserable, fat protagonist with low self-esteem you might be expecting to read about. On the contrary, Jen has an overbearing gait and outlook on almost everything in life that is not only believable, but very endearing too.

And who says fat people cannot be vain people? She is so in love with herself, she could look at her own reflection in the mirror for hours.

Her struggles with Atkins, exercise and food are all-too-familiar for anyone who has tried dieting, and I was inexplicably rooting for her triumph at every turn.

This is a great book for a light read, for fat and skinny girls alike!


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