I Don’t Want To Be Six Years Old!

My niece turned six yesterday and we had a small celebration for her at home.

It wasn’t a grand birthday party – we had a pot-luck of sorts, and her beaming parents got her a little cake.

She had a major meltdown after she blew out the candles.

Turning six was a big deal (for her, that is).

For one, she has to give up her pacifier.

Next, she has to learn how to take showers on her own, without the help of the domestic helper.

She hid in her room and refused to come back to the waiting guests, and her concerned parents went into her room to talk to her. The way she was howling, you’d have thought she was turning thirty-six, not six.

I could hear her sobbing and crying  “I don’t want to be six years old!”, “I cannot sleep without my pacifier!” and “I don’t know how to take showers myself!”

That was funny.

To her, her perfect little world was crumbling because she perceived that she would be without her pacifier once she turned six, and she probably think that she would never fall asleep again, because she had never fallen asleep without her pacifier before.

On top of that, she would be a dirty little girl, possibly the smelliest in class, because she perceived that without the help of the helper at the shower, she would probably never be clean ever again.

Her parents somehow managed to convince her that her world would not change that much upon turning six, until she is ready for the change.

She came back to the party and though embarrassed by her antics earlier, forgot about it very soon after. Kids!


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