Argh! Christmas is less than 8 weeks away!



Argh again!

Christmas, my favourite holiday of the year, is just around the corner and I have not done anything at all – and it is less than eight weeks away!

I need a checklist more than ever:

  1. Put up Christmas tree.
  2. Get niece over to help put up the decoration.
  3. Buy gifts
  4. Discuss menu for Christmas eve AND day with relevant people.
  5. Do up invitation lists for Christmas eve and day.
  6. Buy table decoration (only if necessary)
  7. Buy food ingredients for dinner
  8. Order food for dinner
  9. Order wine and beer

That’s all I can think of for now. Not too bad, it seems to be quite manageable.

Another thing though, I endeavour to rein in tightly on the budget this year.

We spent close to $3,ooo on two dinners on Christmas Eve and Day last year. No, I am not exaggerating.

This is the breakdown:
  • Catered dinners for both nights $399+delivery times 2 = $880
  • Wine, champagne and beverages $250 times 2 nights = $500
  • Christmas decorations (we got new placemats and table cloth and runners) = $150
  • Gifts for family = $600
  • Gifts for friends = $450
  • Gifts for colleagues = $250

It came up to $2,850 for two nights!! (Horrors! Slap me, please!) It’s not as if we are millionaires, throwing lavish dinners like that.

We shall see if we can cut back excessively this year. $1000 for two nights is a drastic cut, but a dinner for $500 a night with drinks included is still considered rather excessive in Singapore, right? We can and MUST cut back!



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