What three wishes?

Recently I heard that a church (not my church) has asked its members to think of three wishes and go to church on new year’s day to get prayed for, so that the wishes would come true.

I never knew God was a genie in a magic lamp.

He is omnipotent, omnipresent, the Alpha and Omega, and nothing is impossible with Him. It is as easy as snapping a finger for Him to fulfil our whims and fancies, but frankly, is that good for us? And what end or purpose will that serve? Boost our ego?

In my personal opinion, I find the implications of what the church did was not very right.

Christians should be have the resilience of faith in God, come what may.

And see God for the Almighty One He is. Not a genie from a magic lamp to fulfil our every wish, whim and fancy.

A cousin even posted this on her facebook  “Come to church with 3 wishes. They will be fulfilled.”

How misleading!


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