I was recently pressured to add a relative to my Facebook account, by none other than the relative herself.

It was during Chinese New Year, and through one of the gatherings, she found out I have an active account and after she got my number, called me and asked me to add her in.

I did, to my detriment.

I should have just pretended to agree but conveniently forgot.

She may not have many “friends”, but she sure made sure those few she had did not forget about her, or her riches.

You see, this relative of mine is a homemaker, but somehow her husband must be a goldminer or something, because even though he is a regular employee who got his degree only recently, he seemed to be doing pretty well. By “pretty well”, I mean he (aka they) has at least 2 private properties under his (or their) name/s, and 2 cars. Oh well, call it sour grapes if you like, I detest the way she updated her status ending with “district 9” or insinuations of the said district.

It would start off with “I love my new home! Birds chirping, greenery all around, and in district 9!” or “Traffic jam in my residential vicinity (and posting a picture of the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church)” or the sorts.

I think I would let her go at it until I am totally sick of it. Then I shall do the necessary. That is what the “delete” button is for, isn’t it?


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