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Most people I know hate the rain. Or at least, the inconveniences a rainy day brings with it.

I don’t. I love and thrive on rainy days. My mood is lifted whenever I see an overcast sky and I dare say I am exuberant when the rain pours down – the heavier the better!

This weekend is one of those days. It was gloomy for most of Sat and Sun, this being the monsoon season and all, and boy oh boy, did it rain – cats and dogs too.

I had planned a picnic at the grounds of Botanical Gardens in the late afternoon of Saturday and when it started to pour at 4pm, my spirits were lifted even though it was raining heavily. Yes, it could disrupt my picnicking plans, but hey, I can always seek a sheltered area for that. Nothing could dampen my lifted mood!

We proceeded despite the rain and the downpour had become a drizzle when we reached the gardens.

We found a perfect sheltered spot near the lake, and laid out our mats and picnic basket.

My sister had prepared sandwiches and sausages and a bag of organic chips with a salsa dip. I brought a bottle of sweet wine and a flask of hot tea, which was perfect for the rainy weather.

By the time we settled down, even the drizzle had stopped and the sun was out again. Can’t say I wasn’t a tad disappointed. I was actually having fun!

The Sunday morning was a harsh, hot, sunny day, but I was hopeful when I saw the first dark cloud which rapidly grew bigger and darker. Before I knew it, it was pouring!

And poured it did! I made myself a cup of hot ginger tea, propped up some pillows behind me on the couch and laid down with a book, with the rain pelting heavily onto the ground outside. This is life!


I Don’t Want To Be Six Years Old!

My niece turned six yesterday and we had a small celebration for her at home.

It wasn’t a grand birthday party – we had a pot-luck of sorts, and her beaming parents got her a little cake.

She had a major meltdown after she blew out the candles.

Turning six was a big deal (for her, that is).

For one, she has to give up her pacifier.

Next, she has to learn how to take showers on her own, without the help of the domestic helper.

She hid in her room and refused to come back to the waiting guests, and her concerned parents went into her room to talk to her. The way she was howling, you’d have thought she was turning thirty-six, not six.

I could hear her sobbing and crying  “I don’t want to be six years old!”, “I cannot sleep without my pacifier!” and “I don’t know how to take showers myself!”

That was funny.

To her, her perfect little world was crumbling because she perceived that she would be without her pacifier once she turned six, and she probably think that she would never fall asleep again, because she had never fallen asleep without her pacifier before.

On top of that, she would be a dirty little girl, possibly the smelliest in class, because she perceived that without the help of the helper at the shower, she would probably never be clean ever again.

Her parents somehow managed to convince her that her world would not change that much upon turning six, until she is ready for the change.

She came back to the party and though embarrassed by her antics earlier, forgot about it very soon after. Kids!

The weekend is here!

It’s Saturday! I love Saturdays, don’t you?

Here’s a list of things of what I plan to do:

1. Pick up the reserved book from the library

2. Attend church service

3. Meet gal pal for steamboat dinner

Yet I think I have done more!

1. Watched Harry Potter – The Sorcerer’s Stone on HBO HD

2. Read the entire stack of Saturday papers (For the clueless, the Saturday papers in this country is the most worthy read of the entire week. There are about 8 thick sections of world, regional and home news, and a lifestyle section which covers entertainment and recreational news, a section on insights and analyses, as well as three thick stacks of the classifieds.)

Now I shall chill, write a new post, and then do the three things I planned to do.  I love Saturdays!

Don’t you just love the Italians?

I am thankful. Very thankful that there are some great Italian chefs right here in Singapore.

I make this proclamation because of Basilico, an Italian restaurant that strives to bring in the most authentic Italian fare in a fine-dining setting.

We came in a small group of four to celebrate a birthday, and none of us had been here before.

The chi-chi entrance to the restaurant left us in awe and anticipation of what was to come.

Wine cellars flanked both sides of the reception-and-foyer.

The imposing centrepiece in the middle of the restaurant.

The Italians know their food, don’t they? Just look at the range of tomatoes here!

We tried Buffalo Cheese, Cow’s Milk Cheese, Blue Cheese, among many other types of cheeses. And the honey! Lemon honey, orange honey, pure honey, truffle honey, and even chilli honey –  we tried them all!

Cold cuts and olives….

Definitely more alluring than a model’s long legs!

 Freshly shaven slices of parma ham to go with the melons

A bottle of Italian red – Chianti Classico to share

Assorted Mixed Grill Lamb Chops, Wagyu and Pork Pancetta Roll, Angus Beef Tenderloin, Pigeon, Ratte Potatoes and Green Asparagus

Baked Atlantic Cod Fish with Thyme Sauteed Wild Mushroom, Fennel and Citrus Salad (Pity the cod was a tad under-seasoned though)

Roasted Monk Fish with 36 Months Cured Parma Ham, Wild Rocket and Castelluccio Lentils, though the fish couldn’t really be seen under that mound of greens.

Here’s the unravelled Monk fish!

Carnaroli Risotto with Zaffron, Aged Balsamic Seared Foie Gras and Black Truffle
Not much of a looker, but it was simply risotto at its best.

Our mains were served together – typical of a well-run kitchen.

Basilico has proven that the Italians are not second-best to the French when it comes to sweets.

We spent $69++ per head for the meal and spent $83++ for the wine. All in all, I must say that it was a darn good meal, with attentive service to boot. I can only say – follow the Italians when it comes to food – they really know best.

McDonald’s on a Saturday

Had breakfast with the ex-classmate-now-close-gal-pal for breakky at McDonald’s. We went to the outlet at Ridout Tea Garden, which houses a McDonald’s on its garden grounds.

I like this outlet primarily because it doesn’t feel like a typical McD outlet in Singapore – it isn’t crowded and there is so much space and greenery around.

(Did you notice that the hash brown is a tad paler than usual? Or is it just me?)