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Argh! Christmas is less than 8 weeks away!



Argh again!

Christmas, my favourite holiday of the year, is just around the corner and I have not done anything at all – and it is less than eight weeks away!

I need a checklist more than ever:

  1. Put up Christmas tree.
  2. Get niece over to help put up the decoration.
  3. Buy gifts
  4. Discuss menu for Christmas eve AND day with relevant people.
  5. Do up invitation lists for Christmas eve and day.
  6. Buy table decoration (only if necessary)
  7. Buy food ingredients for dinner
  8. Order food for dinner
  9. Order wine and beer

That’s all I can think of for now. Not too bad, it seems to be quite manageable.

Another thing though, I endeavour to rein in tightly on the budget this year.

We spent close to $3,ooo on two dinners on Christmas Eve and Day last year. No, I am not exaggerating.

This is the breakdown:
  • Catered dinners for both nights $399+delivery times 2 = $880
  • Wine, champagne and beverages $250 times 2 nights = $500
  • Christmas decorations (we got new placemats and table cloth and runners) = $150
  • Gifts for family = $600
  • Gifts for friends = $450
  • Gifts for colleagues = $250

It came up to $2,850 for two nights!! (Horrors! Slap me, please!) It’s not as if we are millionaires, throwing lavish dinners like that.

We shall see if we can cut back excessively this year. $1000 for two nights is a drastic cut, but a dinner for $500 a night with drinks included is still considered rather excessive in Singapore, right? We can and MUST cut back!




It’s Halloween!  It rained cats and dogs this afternoon, and the sky was mostly overcast.

The gloomy weather cast a pall over the day, and I feel I should share the story of my paranormal encounter back in 2006. If you are squeamish about such things, please do not continue reading.

This happened back in 2006, when I was working in a media company in the central business district of Singapore. I was usually an hour early for work, which would start at 9am, which meant I reached the office at 8am or thereabouts.

Most of the time, the office would be empty except for another colleague, who was much earlier than I, reaching the office 7-ish on most days.

It seemed like a usual morning for both of us. We exchanged greetings and got into idle chatter as I started up my computer, when both of us heard an undisputed loud sobbing and weeping. It was high-pitched, soulful and traumatic.

It did not even occur to either of us that it was anything but human. Hello – we were in the heart of town, high above bustling traffic, vehicular and human, and it was bright as day.

We looked at each other, then around us, and determined that there was no one else other than the two of us. We thought it must have come from another department nearby, though how it could be so resoundingly loud and clear if the subject was so far away from us, was beyond us.

We went to every department in the company, searching for another living soul, and there was none to be found – not even the office cleaner was sighted.

As suddenly as it started, it ended just as abruptly when we returned to our desks, more baffled than ever.

It was then that it occurred to us, maybe not at the same exact moment, but close enough I would think on hindsight, that the weeping wasn’t human.

My colleague and I looked at each other, grabbed our bags and made a quick dash out of the office for the bustling Starbucks at the basement.

We refused to go back up until the office was more filled up with HUMANS.

To this day, we are pretty convinced what we heard was a ghost’s soul-wrenching cry.

Parents, teach your kids manners!

Children should be seen and not heard.  I swear by that.

Apparently, many Singaporean parents may not have even heard of it.

Parents, here’s a list of DON’Ts for your little rascals whom you think the world of.

If you would like others like myself to think the world of them too, please adhere to the list strictly. I would be delighted to add on to the list when the need arises.

Here goes:

  1. Don’t let your child stand or kneel on the seat of the bus or the MRT. If his butt is not on the seat, then he doesn’t need the seat. Teach him to give up his seat to someone who needs it more.
  2. Don’t let your child run amok in a restaurant, eating place, or anywhere, for goodness’ sake.  Tie them up if necessary.
  3. Don’t let your child sit inside the supermarket trolley. It’s meant for groceries, not kids.
  4. Don’t let your child ask too many questions, especially to people they have just met. It doesn’t show that she is curious and inquisitive. It only goes to show that she has not been taught good manners.
  5. Don’t allow your child to throw a tantrum in public, and get away scot-free.
  6. Don’t buy your child every new toy or gadget that is launched in the market.
  7. Don’t let your child talk louder than they should. These little packages have no idea what healthy lungs they have. Yelling (parents AND children) is a strict no-no.
  8. Don’t let your child be a tattletale. (A tattletale is someone who carries tales about others, in Hokkien, they are known as bao-tol-kia.)
  9. Last but not least, don’t spare the rod and spoil the child.

Do I have to like it just because you do?

The funny thing with most women is – when they or the boyfriends or husbands have splurged on a big-ticket item, they expect you to be as overwhelmed about it as they are. Especially when the big-ticket item is a rock that sells in carats.

Believe me when I say I really don’t give a damn about diamonds.

You can show me a glass shard and tell me it is a 10-carat diamond and I will still believe you.  No, I would not wish that on my finger instead.

I would probably do the courteous thing with an appropriate wide-eyed WOW! and move on to other subjects.  I am happy you have a nice rock on your ring, but that’s where it ends, thank you very much. No, I am not envious or jealous. Spare me the talk, but do I have to like it just because you do?

Footnote: Ring-in-question has nothing to do with the colleague in the previous post. Her boyfriend still has not proposed.

If he loves you, he will marry you

One of the weekly columnists in the daily newspaper shared this little nugget, among many others, on how her past relationships have shaped her into what she is today.

It immediately brings to mind a colleague whose 10-year relationship that is heading either to the altar or to the grave.  She is nearing the big THREE-O, has been with him for the last ten years, and has been living together for just as long.  She has been facing more inquiring looks of late, especially at weddings (or so she says), and been fending off more questions of when her turn will come (from supposedly concerned people in her life).

Her live-in boyfriend has kinda been skirting the issue of marriage, but the thing is, it has never been a topic that surfaced in their conversations. Beats me how you can be with someone for so long and not discuss marriage.

I wish I have the guts to say this to her face, but oh well, I don’t.  That if he loves you, he will marry you.