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I was recently pressured to add a relative to my Facebook account, by none other than the relative herself.

It was during Chinese New Year, and through one of the gatherings, she found out I have an active account and after she got my number, called me and asked me to add her in.

I did, to my detriment.

I should have just pretended to agree but conveniently forgot.

She may not have many “friends”, but she sure made sure those few she had did not forget about her, or her riches.

You see, this relative of mine is a homemaker, but somehow her husband must be a goldminer or something, because even though he is a regular employee who got his degree only recently, he seemed to be doing pretty well. By “pretty well”, I mean he (aka they) has at least 2 private properties under his (or their) name/s, and 2 cars. Oh well, call it sour grapes if you like, I detest the way she updated her status ending with “district 9” or insinuations of the said district.

It would start off with “I love my new home! Birds chirping, greenery all around, and in district 9!” or “Traffic jam in my residential vicinity (and posting a picture of the Orchard Road Presbyterian Church)” or the sorts.

I think I would let her go at it until I am totally sick of it. Then I shall do the necessary. That is what the “delete” button is for, isn’t it?


A swollen lymph node made me think I have cancer

I was just minding my own business yesterday when I felt there was lump right under my chin.

The first thought that came to my mind was – has my double chin ballooned to that size overnight?!

But then I felt it, rubbed it and peered into the mirror several times (hmmm, perhaps that was an understatement….but I think I did not try touching or looking at it for more than 50 times….maybe 40+ times, but definitely under 50).

By the end of the day, the small lump has hardened and grown. I am convinced by then this is no double chin. It could be a tumour! Perhaps even a cancerous one! Oh no! I am still so young! What am I to do if this is really cancerous?

Feeling disconcerted, I decided to go to the doctor for a good check.

The doctor listened to my ranting with the patience of Mother Teresa, and he was nodding his head the whole time, but made no attempt to touch the tumour.

I was the one who asked him, “Don’t you have to examine it?” and he said, “This is an infection of the lymph node.”  OW! Am I going to die?

He then explained the diagnosis, symptoms, and treatment of a swollen lymph node to me at length, and I am shamed by my own ignorance.  I am not going to die after all, and after I complete the dosage of antibiotics, I should continue to live.

And since I had a bad breakout just days before, I also shamelessly asked for some acne cream to treat those spots.

Now my doctor is no ordinary general practitioner. He is the best-looking doctor you will ever see. And kind-hearted to boot. With the patience of a saint. For single ladies who are looking for a tall, handsome, kind-hearted, patient man who is a doctor, sorry. He is happily married with three kids.

Why can’t I stop pigging out?

Oooooh, I suppose it’s near that time of the month when I start pigging out like this.

I had a big huge breakfast, a heavy lunch (which is a double portion of what I usually order), a tea-break that is like my usual lunch, and then a home-cooked dinner that could easily feed two. Just before writing this post, I had See’s Candy Chocolates and heated up some nuggets to go with the beer.

My tummy is faintly reminiscent of that of a three-month pregnant woman, and I have really flappy arms and thighs.

Yet I am not motivated at all to do anything about it.


Find The Cat!

Find the cat in the picture!

Here’s another one. It’s a different cat.

Should I stop stealing?

I am an incorrigible thief, constantly pilfering free online pictures from uploaders kind enough to share theirs.

Frankly, this thieving habit has hit a high of late. Ever since I started this blog and realized I don’ t have any decent photographs of my own to use.

I should make an honest woman of myself, therefore I am seriously contemplating upgrading my point-and-shoot camera to one with better features.  To do that, I’d better start on some research soon.

At peace with everyone today :-)