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Till we meet again, Elle

My dear Elle has passed away yesterday.

She was weak on Sunday evening, and her cough turned persistent on Monday night, and she was panting away throughout the night. We decided to bring her to the vet after work on Tuesday, but, when we returned home after work on Tuesday, she was already dead.

She was laying near the door, and she was still warm and soft, which showed she had not died all that long before we came back.

What a faithful, loyal and loving companion she was – waiting for our return but it was not meant to be.

My eyes are swollen from all that crying but I am still affected.

Everything triggered memories of her – a leash, a harness, a bowl, her medication. What is worst, I am still not used to not having a dog shadowing me.

I think if I feel this way, Muffin would feel worse.

Muffin is the other Chihuahua, which we love just as dearly.

They are companion dogs, and Muffin has never been alone in the house before. There was always Elle around.

Thank you Elle for the years of love, loyalty and companionship. I know you have crossed the rainbow bridge and we will all meet again one day.