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The Walking Dead 2

Oh my oh, how should I even begin this post?

I have been seeing the trailers for The Walking Dead 2 over the last few weeks, and I must say Star Movies did a fantastic job hounding a lukewarm audience (like me) into a captive one.

I sat in front of the TV, propped up some pillows and made myself really comfortable just five minutes before the show started at 10pm last night.

The premiere of season two started with a scene of a huge explosion, and a quick recap of last season’s finale. The few living survivors left had to make their way out of Atlanta, which has been besieged by “walkers” (or zombies).

It was a gloomy, dreary but gripping apocalyptic plot, I must say.

The whole world, it seemed, has been overrun by these “walkers”, and the living has to scavenge, hide, and kill in order to survive.

The odds are against them, for their number is small,and all it takes is a bite to be infected, die and then resurrect as a walker whose only instinct is to hunt down any living creature (man or animal) so that it could feed.

It is also a gory show. When a child among them went missing, the protagonist Rick Grimes, a sheriff’s deputy, and co went into the woods to search for her. They came across a walker, and to ascertain that the child had not become food for it, they shot through its head with a gun arrow, and performed a dissection there and then, opening up the stomach to reveal grimy contents of its earlier meal (which happened to be a squirrel).

I was so enthralled by the plot, that I went online to read about season one. Now I can hardly wait for episode two!